Welcome to the website for books by Edward Correia. This website provides information about books by me as well as information about me and my family. In addition, I hope that current and potential readers will provide comments about my books and information about themselves that they want to share. 

 Four books are available through this website or through other channels that you can find on the website: two non-fiction books, The Uncertain Believer: Reconciling God and Science and Teaching Your Child about God in a Scientific World, and two novels, The George Washington Constellationand Elysia, which is a sequel to The George Washington Constellation. The non-fiction books are about religion and our conception of God. The Uncertain Believer discusses a number of possible ways to view God and proposes a conception that makes the most sense to me: God is the spirit of love in the universe. Teaching Your Child doesn’t advocate any particular idea of God but instead focuses on teaching our children about God and helping them make up their own mind. The novels are about the Buckthorn family, particularly David, who becomes a United States Senator from Wyoming, and his daughter, Lizzy, who becomes a psychiatrist at a large regional hospital in rural Oklahoma. All the books are described in more detail below. I hope that you will take time to read books from both categories. Many of the same themes that I address in the books on religion also appear in the novels, and you will see connections between the two. Most of all, I hope that by reading any of these books, you can gain insights that are helpful in your own life and simply enjoy yourself. 

 -Edward Correia