Teaching Your Child about God in a Scientific World

 Teaching Your Child about God in a Scientific World discusses many of the ideas that are explored in The Uncertain Believer, but the primary goal of the book is to give some practical ideas to parents who want to introduce their child to the concept of God in a way that is consistent with the discoveries of science. The theme of Teaching Your Child is captured in this excerpt: 

 "This book is not for you if you want to provide a traditional religious education for your child. However, if you want to teach your children how to think about God and make up his own mind and if you want your child to consider a modern conception of God, then I believe this book can be helpful. The teenage years can be difficult ones, both for your child and you. Your job is to provide a foundation for your child to see the possibilities in his life, to believe in himself enough to take on the challenges he will face, and to find a path to meaning and contentment. God can be one important building block in that foundation. If you can be the catalyst for your child to discover God and to work out for himself what God means in his life, you will have made a great contribution to your child’s development."


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