The Uncertain Believer: Reconciling God and Science

 Correia takes a profound look at the doubt and uncertainty millions face when presented with the traditional conception of God. The Uncertain Believer: Reconciling God and Science addresses the skepticism and indecision that plagues those who no longer find it easy to accept the existence of a supernatural creator. Confronted with the often unappealing alternatives of agnosticism, atheism, and blind faith, The Uncertain Believer offers readers a fresh look at the meaningful role God can play in our lives. 

 The theme of The Uncertain Believer is captured in this excerpt from the first chapter: 


"This book is for those who have great doubts about the
existence of the traditional God but are hesitant to reject the idea of
God altogether. Millions of Americans, and millions more around
the world, have great doubts about the conventional image of
God as a supernatural being who created the world, who watches
over us and who bends natural laws every now and then to carry
out a mysterious divine plan. Even though they found it easy to
accept this traditional conception of God as children, their greater
understanding of scientific discoveries, their real world experience,
and their ability to think independently have led them to question it
as adults…

This dilemma…is bound up with a particular conception of
God, not with the idea of God itself. As rational creatures, we are
free to think through our conception of God in light of the
discoveries of science and our own values. In the chapters that
follow, I suggest a conception of God that makes far more sense
than the God we learned about as children. I describe a God that
does not conflict with the teachings of science or with the view
that humans have a special place in the universe. But it does
conflict with the idea that God is a “being” or “spirit” with
anthropomorphic qualities…The more fundamental truth is that we
can love God, and we can do so from the perspective of modern
twenty-first century humans who have a vastly greater
understanding of the nature of the universe than the pre-scientific
humans who conceived of the traditional God."


Praise for the Uncertain Believer

 “This is a compelling argument for a rational approach to theology.”

Jonathan D. Moreno, Ph.D.
Professor of Medical Ethics,
University of Pennsylvania

 “Whatever your theology, The Uncertain Believer celebrates the possibilities of life and shows us how, by loving one another, we can also love and affirm God.”

Rabbi David Saperstein
Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

“Correia, along with his more creative ways of entertaining the idea of God, has placed the life of “the believer” in the context of a necessary uncertainty. I applaud this move and find it decisive for the future of the religious dimension of our existence.”
Tom W. Boyd
Professor of Religious Studies,
University of Oklahoma 

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